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Offer your know-how to accelerate sustainable impact

Efficient knowledge sharing


Streamline collaboration.

Support project leads seamlessly.


Boost productivity.

Reduce your admin, emails and make payment management a breeze.


Get noticed.

Be found by project leads with a purpose and question.

Key metrics


vetted Experts


sustainable projects supported


Expertise areas


say that an expert session solved their problem


report that experts and sessions were
«very good» to «excellent»

Getting started...

01.    Apply to become an expert

02.   Wait to be reviewed and validated

03.   Be found and booked by projects

04.   Prepare your session and share

         your knowledge

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Important notice:​​

We are currently only accepting expert registrations for specific programmes. All other applications are "on hold". 


Experts who work with us receive 130 CHF per hour for sessions with non-profit organizations and start-ups, and 160 CHF per hour for sessions with businesses. These rates are slightly lower than the market average to make our services more accessible to project leads and serve as a first point of contact.


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Dr. Emily Elsner
Social Impact Manager,
ETH Zürich

How do you know if you are really making a difference? These are the key questions which I like to tackle with sustainable projects


Michel Bachmann
Facilitator co-creation of planetary communities

I love to support people with the question of how to create a thriving community around their projects.



Abena Lauber
Founder, aCommunity


I would love to support you with my expertise in operational, strategic fundraising, or multichannel fundraising as well as capacity building

An expert sneak-peak

Get started now!

Get off to a flying start and make changes and have an impact on your company as quickly as possible.

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