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Find and book your expert

The virtual expert & coaching portal will enable you to search for and book your project expert. It’s quick, easy and boosts your eco-impact!

How does it work?

1. Sign up / Log in

2. Wait for approval

3. Find your Expert

4. Book your session


Who is it for?

Do you run an eco-friendly start-up or project? Or do you want to make your organisation more sustainable? Then this portal is for you! It brings together three groups of sustainably-minded people:

(1) Initiators of eco-friendly projects and start-ups,
(2) Experts or coaches and
(3) Facilitators of accelerator programmes or coaching networks.

Why use it?

Access high-quality expertise:

Get easy, on-demand access to a diverse network of experts and coaches across a wide range of topics. 

Find your perfect match:


Search by keywords, find your expert and arrange your meeting in a few clicks incl. scope, goals, timing and costs.

Accelerate your initiative:

Bring your eco-friendly initiative to the next level and scale your positive impact. 

Why use it?

How much will it cost?

The portal will offer three pricing options:  vouchers,  standardized paying options or even experts wishing to offer their time for free.

For not-for-profit initiatives, the One Planet lab can offer a limited number of expert vouchers thanks to the generous support of the Mercator Stiftung Switzerland.  


If you are a sustainable project, initiative, or start-up, who is looking for some expertise, please apply by completing the short form below and take the chance to to win a free, one-hour expert session. We will review your request and get back you as soon as possible.

After successful validation, you may proceed with booking your expert session either by voucher code or direct payment (CHF 130 per hour, excl. VAT).


A sneak peek at a few of our experts

Emily Elsner.jpg

Dr. Emily Elsner

Social Impact Manager, ETH Zürich


«How do you know if you are really making a difference? These are the key questions which I like to tackle with sustainable projects»


Michel Bachmann

Facilitator co-creation of planetary communities

« I love to support people who wrestle with the question of how to create a thriving community around their projects.»


Abena Lauber

Founder aCommunity

«I would love to support you with my expertise in operational, strategic fundraising, or multichannel fundraising as well as capacity building»

We are in our pilotphase. 

The «BookYourExpert» Portal is currently being tested with users and experts alike. If you are interested to learn about the portal once it goes live, please sign-up to our mailing list.

Thank you!

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