Become an expert

In a few quick clicks the virtual expert & coaching portal will enable you to register, create a profile and offer your expertise. It’s quick, easy and boosts eco-impact!


How does it work?

1. Sign up / Log in

2. Be found by projects

3. Get booked for  session


Who is it for?

Are you an experienced professional with know-how to share, then this portal is for you!
It brings together three groups of sustainably-minded people:

(1) Initiators of eco-friendly projects and start-ups,
(2) Experts or coaches and
(3) Facilitators of accelerator programmes or coaching networks. 

Why use it?

Benefits for Experts & Coaches

Increase your visibility:


Join a diverse network,  link-up with both peers and eco-friendly initiatives who can easily identify and get in touch with you

Streamline the administration:


Reduce your emails and admin from the first contact through to the final booking

Accelerate your positive impact:


Drive positive change by providing meaningful and immediate expert support to eco-friendly project leads


How much will it cost?

The portal will offer flexible pricing options ranging from time-sharing, to vouchers to standardized paying options. 

For not-for-profit initiatives, the One Planet lab can offer a limited number of expert vouchers thanks to the generous support of the Mercator Stiftung Switzerland. More information on the application process and conditions coming soon. 


We are in our pilot phase. 

The «BookYourExpert» Portal is currently being tested with users and coaches alike. If you are interested to learn about the portal once it goes live, please sign-up to our mailing list.